Stopping Mosquitoes From Getting Inside

While neem oil is a good way to stop a mosquito from biting you, it’s better if you can just stop them from getting indoors in the first place. You can solve a lot of issues with mosquitos by using screens to cover gaps in your windows and doors. You don’t have to cover up every single window or door in the house just the ones that are going to be opened a lot. You can use a door strip at the bottom of the door to cover the gap there and patch up any other gaps with filler or a patch kit. Use an adjustable screen to cover your windows and doors.

Once those gaps are covered, the next challenge is to get rid of the ones inside. You can use ultrasonic repellers to keep mosquitos out of certain rooms. These operate on a sound frequency that humans and most pets can’t here, so they won’t affect your quality of life, but they will scare off most insects. They’re far safer than chemical repellents and last longer, making them more cost-effective.

Camphor oil is another good repellent that is quite natural. You can light some camphor in a room, close all the doors and windows, and leave it for 20 minutes. This should drive out all of the mosquitos, and the effect will last for a long time.

If you want to kill off the larvae around your home, then you can do that by planting some Tulsi. The Tulsi herb is edible, and it is popular in Indian cuisine, so you get the double benefit of a mosquito free home and a harvestable plant for your home.

If you want to take some more aggressive action, you can kill off mosquitos using dry ice. The mosquitoes are attracted to dry ice because it emits carbon dioxide which is the same thing that we exhale. They flock to it expecting a human to feast on, and you can then close the lid of the dry ice container and kill the mosquitoes off that way.

There are other mosquito traps that you can make that work in different ways, For example, you can make a mixture of brown sugar and hot water, with a bit of yeast, and use that to make a trap. Cut a bottle in half, put the mixture into the bottom part of the bottle, and put the half of the bottle with the lid into the bottom part, upside down (after removing the cap). Wrap the bottle in black tape, and put it into the area with mosquitoes. Again, they will be attracted to the mixture, and will ‘fall in’ to the trap, then be unable to get out.