Good Habits for Avoiding Mosquitoes

If you live in an area where mosquitoes are common, then you should get into the habit of trying to find ways to avoid infestations. Hang a mosquito net around the bed every time you go to bed, and spray yourself with whatever mosquito-repelling cream you want to use as well. The creams and sprays are only effective for a short time, and the net will ensure that even when the repellent effect wears off, you won’t have to worry about being bitten.

Make sure that you have a mesh on your doors and windows, and close that mesh at bedtime. Indeed, you should keep it shut as much as possible to stop pests getting into the house.

If you do see mosquitoes in the house, kill them immediately. The sooner you kill them, the less chance they have of laying eggs, and the fewer you will find. If you let them take a foothold in your home then it will be a lot harder to get rid of them.

Mosquitoes like light, but there are lights that will repel them. Yellow bug lights, sodium lamps and LED style lights are less appealing to them than standard incandescent bulbs, so try to replace all the lights in your home with those.

Take a look at your property, and get rid of any stagnant water. Move debris away from your walls because things like piles of wood with a tarp over them can still attract damp, and water can pool in the creases of the tarp. Get rid of them to solve your issues.

Sometimes, you may want to call in a pest control expert to help with a serious mosquito problem. Before you do that, though, try your techniques. There are chemical sprays that contain insecticide, and that can be useful for getting rid of mosquitoes, but before you use those, you should think about how they might impact pets or small children in the family. If you have a serious issue with mosquitos and you want to beat it quickly, it may be that getting the kids to stay elsewhere for a few days while you get the house treated with insecticide could be a good option. There are mosquito kits that are suitable for use in the home but again you might want to keep pets away from them.

Do not ignore the problem. Mosquito bites are a transmission vector for some diseases, and while it’s OK to use traps to slowly get rid of a small number of the pests when you have a more serious, aggressive problem you could be putting your health at risk by letting it go on. It makes more sense to ask for advice from an expert.

There are a lot of myths out there about how you can repel mosquitoes. Some suggestions for home remedies include using citronella plants, or garlic. While there is some truth to the idea that citronella contains chemicals that can ward off mosquitoes, the concentration of those chemicals is very small, and you would need to use a huge number of the plants to have any discernable impact on mosquitoes. The oil itself could be useful, but so far extensive testing has failed to prove that citronella oil works.

The same is true for garlic. Trials involving the consumption of garlic showed that even eating relatively large amounts does not have an impact on whether or not mosquitoes are attracted to you.
There are many other methods, using washing up liquid or mouthwash to scare off or trap mosquitoes, for example, ” these are all unproven, and risky. Rather than using such techniques, it makes more sense just to use tried and tested insecticides, and to work to change the environment in your home so that it doesn’t attract mosquitoes in the first place. With a few changes to your environment ” keeping your gutters, gardens, and fences in order, and sealing up your home so that the mosquitoes can’t get in ” you should find that your property is far less appealing to mosquitoes and that you don’t have to worry about you or your family getting bitten.

If you can’t use home remedies or home pest control kits, then calling in a pest control company is the next logical step. Tell your nearest neighbors what you are doing, as well, because they will want to know that there has been a pest issue (if they haven’t noticed already), and it may be that they need to take measures around their home as well. Pest control works better when everyone is working together to keep the environment clean and tidy, and to discourage insects from taking up residence in the neighborhood. It only takes one person not taking care of their end of the bargain for the whole area to become riddled with pests. Communicate, and don’t be embarrassed that you were the first to see the issue and take action.